Breathing Techniques and Meditation

“Chale Vate Chalam Chittam Nischale Nischalm Bhavet” Means when Prana (Breath) moves Chitta (The Mental force) moves, When Prana is without movement, Chitta is without movement.  ~ (Hatha Yoga Pradipika- 2/2).

Our bodily functions, like our breath, are modulated by our subconscious mind. The autonomous nervous system regulates these processes. Over our lifetime we cultivate stressful thoughts and forget how to breathe naturally using full lung capacity. Pranayama has the power to calm our minds and bodies and become relaxed and focused. 

Below are benefits of group classes

  • It boosts immunity and health
  • Ability to manage mind and emotions
  • Research backed ways to relive stress, anxiety and depression
  • Overcomes fatigue and experience more stamina