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About Snehal

I had my first encounter with Yogasanas in 2008 in a temple. Since then internally I was pushed to practice Yogasanas. Though professionally I was on different path. I am a mechanical engineer and worked in corporate sector for 8 years meanwhile I was continuing my practice and studies in field of Yoga. As I explored the practice it became an experience of unfolding, expansion of awareness and conscious living. I was surprised at the benefits I was reaping at physical as well as mental level with the consistent practice. As the penchant grew, I completed my foundational teachers training from Kaivalywdham, Lonavla and certified myself under Ministry of Aayush where I learnt Yogic philosophy comprehensively and alongside finished my Master studies in Yogashastra.

In 2020 I started conducting corporate sessions and wellness workshops. I conduct LIVE sessions on social platforms. I teach Hatha Yoga and Pranayama. I hold offline as well as online classes. I also design corporate wellness series for different companies. My main motto is to inspire students to connect to their true self through practice of Yoga and find happiness within by achieving total health.


Yoganushasan (Yog + Anushasan) means Discipline of Yoga. This is the first aphorism of Yoga Sutras systematized by Maharshi Patanjali. ‘Atha Yoganusasanam’

अथ योगानुशासनम् ।। 1.1।।

In the yoga sutras, sage Patanjali defines  Ashtanga as “eight-limbed yoga,” According to him, the path of internal purification consists of the following eight spiritual practices:

  • Yama [moral codes]
  • Niyama [self-purification and study]
  • Asana [posture],
  • Pranayama [breath control],
  • Pratyahara [sense control],
  • Dharana [concentration],
  • Dhyana [meditation],
  • Samadhi [enlightenment]

These 8 ‘limbs’ are the road map for the practitioners to the divine union of mind, body and soul. A balance between the three eventually leads to liberation. 

Generally, yoga is perceived as form of physical exercise however it’s just a 10% of what Yoga means and contribute to human life.

We at Yoganushasana aim to enlighten everyone about the true essence of Yoga along with Asanas and Pranayamas.